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DSCN0722Hi Everyone,

I started this blog earlier this year as a way to discuss topics of life and education as they relate to hope, honor, and happiness. I decided to be very discreet about my identity until my book, “Kingdom of the Sun” was published, and it finally is! For more information on the novella, go ahead and click the “My Book” tab.

The purpose of this blog will remain the same as I hope to continue to write and share my thoughts and ideas with you on education, compassion, and authorship. My goal is to remain the same: to light flames of inspiration in your minds and hearts. The only change is that I plan on discussing “Kingdom of the Sun” often because it ties into this blog’s theme, and I will reveal more of myself to you, my readers.

Some things about me:

1) My name, “Ariffa” (A-reef-fa), means one who loves God, to know what God has done for us, mature, and one who is well educated. All of the above describe me well, and I hope that His light is able to shine through me and my words.

2) I am a wife to a wonderful husband.

3) I was born in St. Thomas of the U.S.V.I., and have had an accent up until I moved to Binghamton, NY. I have very slight traces of it from time to time.

4) I danced throughout most of high school.

5) I am a vegan.

6) I’m an awesome cook.

7) My favorite movies are Jean-Jacques Annaud’s “The Lover”, and “Cloud Atlas”

8) One of my favorite movie lines is: “Did that monkey just come out your crack, man!” from Bruce Almighty.

9) I love watching and playing baseball, golf, and football.

10) My ipod consists mostly of 90’s songs, soca music (Caribbean) as well as Japanese and Korean music.

11) I once firmly believed that I would marry Son-Goku, Michael Jackson, and Daniel Radcliffe.

12) Sirius Black and Albus Dumbledore are my favorite fictional characters.

13) If given the opportunity, I will gladly watch Spongebob Squarepants and Disney movies from the 90s all. day. long.

14) “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and “Cutthroat Kitchen” are my favorite TV shows.

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