Author Visitation Part 3: Overcoming Fear of Publishing

blogging-336376_640Hi Everyone,

In the final segment about my visit to my local high school, I would like to discuss my tips about overcoming fear and anxiety of sharing or publishing one’s writing. This post was inspired by one of the students that I was honored to meet. She had asked me this question herself, but I didn’t really get the chance to fully answer it. So here goes-Think about the following:

1)   Your Goal

Think about your goal and purpose of writing. It could be to tell a story (fiction or non-fiction), to express yourself, to get something off your chest, anything. Whatever your objective is in writing, hold on to it and don’t let it leave your head. Now for your heart…

2)   Your Passion

Your passion for whatever you are writing about or for should be the driving force. If you have something that you have to say and want to say, don’t let anything stop you.

3)   Your Anonymity

If it helps, you can always publish your work with a pseudo name or perhaps even be anonymous. Anonymity is a factor for many when it comes to showing off their writing, so they choose this route, and many tend to forget it as an option. If you’re afraid of publishing your work, I would recommend that you start an anonymous blog. This gives you an opportunity to show your work while still keeping a distance from your readers. This will also give you the control to reveal yourself, whether slowly or all at once, whenever you are ready.

4)   Your Acceptance (yourself and others)

With authorship, comes the acknowledgement and acceptance of who you are as a writer as well as who your readers are and will be. You have you to be comfortable and confident of yourself and your abilities, but be humble at the same time. You must realize and accept that although many readers will love your work, many will hate it. You must then decide which of those people you should forget and which of those you should remember.

5)   Your Dream

The best tip that I have for overcoming fear of publishing your work is for you to recognize what your dream may be in writing and publishing as well as where you hope to see yourself in the future and the impact you hope your writing will have. Let this drive your heart and mind to move forward in fulfilling that dream.

I hope this helps those of you who are struggling out there. These tips are based off of my own experience and the anxiety that I had in starting a blog and publishing a book. To those of you who overcame your fear and anxiety, please feel free to share any tips you have as well!

Peace and Love,


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  1. I wrote because I got a kick out of writing. I enjoy that someone out there actually read what I wrote and related to it. Money was not the target, just a feeling of connecting. I have read your blogs and I think that you feel the same way.

  2. When I started writing my first novel, it was pure passion–the joy of solidifying and idea that blossomed into a story. I had no ambition to pursue publication, but I think sharing is something every writer or artist aspires to on some level. Just the same, fear is a very real obstacle for many writers, especially those just beginning, yet it remains a challenge for even well-established writers and published authors.

    I think you are spot on when it comes to knowing your passions and your goals. It provides a focus and is grounding when you receive less-than-flattering feedback. As far as gaining confidence goes, learning the craft of writing is intrinsic. That means acquiring a firm grasp on grammar (no shortcuts there!), researching the nuts and bolts of good storytelling and character development, and then connecting with other writers and with readers.

    Developing a thick skin is so necessary! and the only way to do that is to share–start with a ‘safe’ audience–with those who will support your writing and can pick out your strengths. From there, broaden your audience to ones who will offer more objective feedback. As you mentioned, it is a fact that “although many readers will love your work, many will hate it”! This is especially true if you write anything controversial. But even when you receive a bad review, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of being read and evoking a strong emotion in a reader! That’s what it’s all about.

    Nice series, Ariffa! I think standing up in front of a class of aspiring writers would be just as intimidating as publishing, if not more so! Ha!

    • Thank you! It was such a unique experience to speak to these classes! I only hope that at least one student was inspired by what I had to say. Thank you so much for the feedback. As you said, there is so much that goes into writing than just simply telling a story. That was one of the biggest lessons that I had to learn.

  3. Hi! Been exploring your blog and liked it. Similarly I’m starting a blog with a view to later using it to later help launch my first book. I’m also a teacher, Christian and like to keep a low profile most of the time (guessing why I liked your blog! ha!) I’ decided to follow so I can visit again from time to time. Good luck with your book, sounds interesting but for personal reading I’m a history/ fantasy/ sci fi type.(plus as I look around my room is strewn with books I’m half way through – can’t resist them .lol!)

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