The Chains of an Educator


Blinded-by-the numbers-and-false-meaning


Being-bound-by-blindness-begs FREEDOM

For  educators  to  teach  and  students  to learn  and  all  to  be  heard  for
Fires  of  greatness  will  rage  and  burn
For  they  will  no  longer  be  quelled  and
Flying   and   soaring   will   be   their   minds   and   hearts   when   you   are

Finally    and    truly



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  2. The problem I found with teaching is many of the teachers had their own agenda and kept putting it out there. They would say things that should be kept to the vest and used the teaching stage as a platform to spout their beliefs or notions. It is like a person who is advertizing working a product which they do not agree with.

    • Hi Barry! I definitely agree with your comment. In terms of the poem, it was speaking more along the lines to the expectations and limits that are places on educators and how they are told to teach students. There are clearly many flaws with this system and the poem speaks to such frustrations. The poem is directed towards those who teach, not those who use the profession as a platform for other means.

  3. This is a very powerful poem with a very powerful message. It speaks very clearly of teachers being constrained by the importance of numbers on test results, and of students being limited by the one-size-fits-all curriculum. I love the idea of learners flying and soaring to be truly free. It is a little reminiscent of my poem “Education is”

    • Thank you, Norah! Can you please provide a link to “Education Is”? I thought it was a marvelous poem. My favorite line is “taking time to perfect a special turn or manoeuvre.” It reminded of how a lot of my schooling was rushed and forced “learning.” Outstanding. I’d love to have my readers read it as well.

      • Thank you so much for your generous comments. I’m pleased that the sentiments of my poem connected with you, though disappointed that the reason it did was was because so much of your schooling was rushed and forced. Sadly, it’s a common story.
        I’m delighted that you would like to share my poem with your readers. Here is the link:
        Thank you for your support and encouragement. Keep up your great work. I look forward to reading your posts.

      • Thank you, Nora! Oh, and I connected with your wonderful poem in more ways than one. You were able to beautifully combine my two passions: poetry and education. So, thank you.

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