Kingdom of the Sun and Christopher Columbus

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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I had the honor and joy of being a guest poster on Miss Ananda’s blog in a post titled Kingdom of the Sun, 10/14, and Education. In that post I discuss the very interesting relation between my book, Kingdom of the Sun and Columbus Day (10/14). I guarantee it’s a great read! Please check it out at the second link or select this one.

Peace and Love,


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  1. History always have its bias based on the historian. Just like it is said that Mungo Park discovered River Niger. as if it came from his laboratory. I love history but it is vexing to see people praising many notorious and evil acts for seemingly national or race glory.
    where are the original Americans?

    • Very well said!! As the great African proverb goes: “until the lion has a historian, the hunter will always be the hero.” Yet, I wonder, who decided to make Columbus into a glorified hero?

      Thank you for your great question. I think I know the answer but I’m not too sure. It will take some research for an “official” response.

  2. I have read the reviews and I myself am most interested in reading and reviewing it. When I do so, I will be sure to post it on my blog. The herofication of this man is criminal.

    • Yes, I completely agree with you.

      I truly do hope you enjoy Kingdom of the Sun. I look forward to reading what you think about it. The theme of distorting history (as with Columbus) is very prominent.


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