Guest Blog Post: Childhood Dreams

ariffa-300x298Hi Everyone,

This week, I had the pleasure of being a guest poster for the blog of author Faith Ann Colburn. I highly suggest that you check out her blog as well as her book, Threshold: A Memoir.

The title of my guest post is Childhood Dreams where I discuss my own childhood dream and how I was seemingly lost until I figured out what that dream really meant.  This post highlights the significance of following our dreams and how they should never, ever be forgotten.

Please check out the post, and let us know what you think!: Childhood Dreams

Peace and Love,


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  1. Kudos, I knew you had it. It is a delight that a person who has read some of my work has gotten such honors. In my humble way I am proud to have met and known you. Keep up the good work. Sincerely, Barry

    • Thank you very much, Barry. It is also very and truly humbling to have you read and comment on my words. Your own work has been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others as well. It’s great to see that even after teaching for so long, you remain to teach on through your words.

      • You are so kind. If you wish to reblog me please feel free. I have been working on a short book on helping college students get through college. I would love for you to read the sections and comment on them. I hope it will help those who are the marginal students.

      • How interesting! Yes, I would love to read them.

  2. I wanted you to be one of my nominations for versatile blogger – I appreciate your words xx

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