Life for a Life for Life

imagesDear Readers,

Many, if not, practically all of us, have thought about what our goals are and should be in life.  There are even some of you who are still struggling with your sense of purpose and goals in this world.  When I was much younger, I thought about this briefly until I realized the simple answer: I wanted to live my life for other people.  I wanted to impact others and the world in a positive way and make a change for the better.  If one were to actually think about it, many of the most valued and difficult careers involve outreach, assistance, and aid to others (teachers, missionaries, doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, etc).

This lifestyle of living and working for others is very significant when it comes to leadership.  Our leaders should be there for their people and do everything in benefit for them.  However, I believe that I am not the only that feels this is sometimes not the case.  Should a leader be for themselves or for their people?  What does it truly mean to be a leader?  These are questions that I indirectly presented to my readers when I wrote Kingdom of the Sun because they pertain so much to our own lives.  And so, I wanted my book to be a reflection, and perhaps even a guide, as to what is going on in our world.

I have come realize that each “dead-end” job that I had had reaffirmed my passion because I know that my fire would not be as strong and that Kingdom of the Sun would not have been written if God didn’t put those difficulties and experiences in my life.  I may not fully be there yet, but each post I write and each word and theme that I embedded in my book was to inspire you, and touch you, and perhaps even fuel a fire in you as well.  You see, I write for you.

“Life for a Life”: Living for someone, a purpose.  “For Life”: A way of being and existing, because when I am bettering someone else’s life, it is then that I am alive and truly living.

Peace and Love,


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  1. good post. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. What a timely post for me. I am trying to decide if I should leave my current job for a very prestigious boarding school one north of Boston. Professionally, I should leave; personally, I like my home and my city. Greater leadership opportunities in Boston. Choices,

    • Hi Edward,

      From my end, it sounds like you should take the Boston opportunity, especially if you will have greater influence and impact. Your home will always be your home, spiritually and physically, and it’s okay to have two homes. God will guide you to the right and best path, and nothing will stop Him.

      Please let me know how it works out.

      Peace and Blessings

  3. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and liking my post ”Joshua led the Israelite to cross river Jordan” I really appreciate. What a great post about our leaders. Keep it up.

  4. Peace and love to you Ariffa x I like very much what you write and what you stand for x thank you for stopping by my blog so that I could connect with you x Sophie x

  5. The Wife S.R.

    “Life for a Life”: Living for someone, a purpose. “For Life”: A way of being and existing, because when I am bettering someone else’s life, it is then that I am alive and truly living.”
    ~~I love this! Giving of ones self completely to others also strengthens and betters ourselves to help others continuously.

    • Thank you so much for your comment!

      I absolutely agree that helping others strengthens and betters our souls as well. It’s a wonderful circle.

      Peace and Blessings!

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