The Peace Sign

DSCN0517Dear Readers,

Whatever happened to giving the peace sign in pictures?  These days, whenever I come across photos of people from Japan and Thailand, about 80% of the time someone or everyone is giving the peace sign.  So, what happened in America?  If I flip through my family album, I will see that just about every picture has someone doing the peace sign…If I were looking at the photos from the nineties, that is.  Has the peace sign become a faded out trend that is now considered “uncool”?  But isn’t “trend” the key word here?  Was the peace sign popular because everyone was doing it or because we all really believed and wanted peace?  Looking back, I guess I never really thought about it when someone said, “Okay, say peace!”

When I sign these posts and my emails with “Peace and Love,” I mean it from my heart in saying that I wish you peace and love, and that peace and love is what I give you.  So today, for the first time in a long time, a picture was taken of me giving the peace sign.  And I’m planning on many more in the future.

Peace and Love,


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  1. Seems like “the peace sign” comes and goes. After WWII, the “peace sign” was actually the “victory” sign. Then in the ’50s it disappeared, only to resurface in the 60s as the “peace” sign among the younger generation (the Hippies). Then in the 70s it disappeared again. So it was interesting to note that you said it reappeared in the 90’s. I wasn’t aware of that. 🙂

    • Yes, I forgot that it once meant “victory.” Thanks for reminding me! It’s interesting that this significant symbol keeps coming and going. I wonder why.

  2. Hi Arrifa,
    Thanks for liking and following my blog. Best wishes for this holiday weekend.

  3. I grew up in the sixties and the peace sign was everywhere. It was on tee shirts, on the back of pants and everyone shot up the vee of the hand to indicate peace. It comes from Winston Churchill who used it during World War the symbol of Victory over the enemy., I think that each generation looks to something new rather than stay with the same old standard. Eventually it may go retro and come back but gestures can be misinterpreted and who knows what the future will ring up.

    • Thanks for your comment! Now that you mention it, I have noticed that throughout time, the meaning of words and gestures have come to change. I would not be surprised if the “V” sign does. For now, I’ll keep using it to mean “peace” :).

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