Thank You for What You Do

Dear Readers,

“Thank you for what you do.”  This is often said to soldiers, doctors, and law enforcement, and an offer of thanks is of course greatly deserved.  But what about the teachers and educators?  How often are they thanked or acknowledged for what they do?  Some people actually believe that teaching is simply a job and that it is easy to do because teachers get summers off as well as vacations (would you prefer your kid to be in school all days of the year with no break?), and that those teaching elementary school children really have it easy.  And for those people, I ask you to first think about today’s generation of kids and teenagers.  Did you shudder?  Next, think about all of the greatest leaders in the world.  Weren’t they taught by teachers?  Finally, I want you to think about where you would be today if you had never been to school or received no form of education whatsoever.  The act of teaching is so pivotal and significant, from before, after, and during the days of Christ to eternity.  Teaching creates leaders, thinkers, and world-changers, it affects how we communicate with each other and how we conduct ourselves in society (see previous post).  Teaching gives, inspires, captures, invigorates, and so much more.  And so to the teachers and educators out there: Thank You.

I expand much more on this topic in my post “Teaching is Not a Career!  What?!

Peace and Love

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