This Weekend’s Challenge

Hi Everyone,

One thing that I have noticed about myself through other people is that I smile a lot.  I do like to smile, and I don’t mean that in the sense that I like to laugh (which I do of course).  But I like to use my smile as a way of communicating to strangers non-verbally.  Now you may say “well, duh.  Smiles can’t talk.”  Oh, but they do.  Like most people, I use my smile as a simple greeting in saying “hey, how are you?,” “good morning” or “good afternoon.” But I also use it as a means of acknowledging the person passing me by and wishing them well: “I see you,” “I don’t know you, but I hope you have a wonderful day.”

We never know what a person may be dealing with in their personal life and sometimes a smile is all it takes to make them feel good and just a little bit happier.  When I smile at a strangers it feels so good to see them smile back, and sometimes they may even give me a verbal greeting.  We all live in this world together.  Why must we act as if we don’t see another person?  Unfortunately, this is so for many people.  I cannot tell you the number of weird looks that I get sometimes.  I mean, it’s not like I grinning mischievously or psychotically at them.  But sometimes if I give a stranger a small polite smile they either 1) completely ignore me 2) look taken aback and try to force a smile back or 3) they think that I mistakenly know them from somewhere.  Am I the only that had this happen to?  I mean really, do I have die and go to heaven so that smiling at strangers is completely normal and welcomed?

So for today and this weekend, I welcome you to give a smile to someone that you don’t know.  I’m not really one for studies, but I have read that smiling at someone has a substantial affect on their overall well-being.  So why not make someone’s day a bit brighter?  Feel free the share any of your experiences!

Peace and Love

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