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UnknownThe anticipation is building each day as I get closer to finally publishing my books.

I’m also anticipating the “re-do” of this site with more information about my books and myself.

It’s all coming soon!

I’m working, working, working on it!


Dear Readers,

imagesI apologize for the delay in posting.  The majority of that has been due to something that cannot be ignored: Passion.  If you have read my first post, you may remember me mentioning that I am currently working on two books, and I have been doing such all last week.  A writer should not force themselves to write.  Rather, they should write when they hear the voices in their head and feel the spirit of the words and story inside them.  That is passion.

When I was in school I loved to write, but I hated it at the same time.  My words and my thoughts are sacred to me, so why must I force them onto to a sheet of paper for a grade?  I particularly hated doing this for poetry class.  Poetry is made up of words from our hearts and soul, and should be written down when we feel the passion to write them.  At least that’s what I think.  And it is because of this that I hated it when as a student I had to critique another student’s poetry.  How can I judge one’s soul?  How can you place a grade on something that was spoken from one’s heart?  Now, if they were “force writing” that’s a different story, but if it was something written from within, then placing a grade or judgement to it is ridiculous.

My passion for writing is also why I had immense trouble with science and math.  These subjects are based on “facts” and cannot be analyzed.  They cannot be argued (unless you’re talking religiously), they cannot inspire, and they cannot touch hearts.  They are based off of words and thoughts of several other people.  There have been many novels that have made me cry, made me think and made me question.  There have been novels that I have written a 20 page analyzed dissertation on because of the inspiration and arguments it sparked in me.  These are novels whose words I have read and in return I produced words of my own.   In literature, our thoughts and our opinions are always accepted.  Can we say the same for math and science?

There have been times when I had not written a chapter in months.  It did not bother me simply because I wasn’t “feeling it” at that time.  I knew when it came time to write again very easily.  It’s an unmistakable feeling.  And when we follow the not-so-gentle nudging of our passion, there is no doubt that great results will be yielded.

Peace and Love

This Weekend’s Challenge

Hi Everyone,

One thing that I have noticed about myself through other people is that I smile a lot.  I do like to smile, and I don’t mean that in the sense that I like to laugh (which I do of course).  But I like to use my smile as a way of communicating to strangers non-verbally.  Now you may say “well, duh.  Smiles can’t talk.”  Oh, but they do.  Like most people, I use my smile as a simple greeting in saying “hey, how are you?,” “good morning” or “good afternoon.” But I also use it as a means of acknowledging the person passing me by and wishing them well: “I see you,” “I don’t know you, but I hope you have a wonderful day.”

We never know what a person may be dealing with in their personal life and sometimes a smile is all it takes to make them feel good and just a little bit happier.  When I smile at a strangers it feels so good to see them smile back, and sometimes they may even give me a verbal greeting.  We all live in this world together.  Why must we act as if we don’t see another person?  Unfortunately, this is so for many people.  I cannot tell you the number of weird looks that I get sometimes.  I mean, it’s not like I grinning mischievously or psychotically at them.  But sometimes if I give a stranger a small polite smile they either 1) completely ignore me 2) look taken aback and try to force a smile back or 3) they think that I mistakenly know them from somewhere.  Am I the only that had this happen to?  I mean really, do I have die and go to heaven so that smiling at strangers is completely normal and welcomed?

So for today and this weekend, I welcome you to give a smile to someone that you don’t know.  I’m not really one for studies, but I have read that smiling at someone has a substantial affect on their overall well-being.  So why not make someone’s day a bit brighter?  Feel free the share any of your experiences!

Peace and Love

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