An Author’s Blog…Well, Not Yet

Hello Everyone,

What can I say, but thank you for reading. This is my first time blogging, and actually it’s kind of my first time in the social world. You see, I don’t have a Facebook, never had a myspace and I hate twitter-I might talk about this some time down the road. My reason for doing this primarily started out as a desire to promote my books. I did some research, and it was said that besides being tuned in to several social networks, having a blog is the next best step to promoting one’s book. I have yet to release the books (I hope to do so this year), so I am not an author…technically. Yet, as I came up with more and more ideas for this blog, I decided that it would be based around the topics and general themes of my books. The more I brainstormed, the more I realized that there are also plenty of things that I want to say and talk about that will not be a part of my books. I’m currently writing a novel and a memoir, and although I want to reach out and inspire my audience with these books, I can do the same as well as establish a relationship and trust with my audience by doing this blog.

The blog’s title of “Hope, Honor and Happiness” are based on three fundamentals that are really important to me. If I ever wanted to get a tattoo, those words would be in Kanji down my back. These themes all stem from my firm belief in God. Without Him, hope and honor and happiness would not exist in my life, and I would have no way of achieving them without Him. Now, with that being said I am not here to preach to you, and I am not here to judge anyone who is not a Christian. That is not my place. I’m here to express myself through my writing and spark flames of inspiration and interest in my readers. Although I will mention God often, I do it to give credit where it is due.

“Hope, Honor and Happiness” will be a blog that discusses the things in life make us feel hopeless, vulnerable, frustrated, depressed and so much more. My primary focus will be on education, but I also want to talk about certain things about life that no one seems to pay attention to. My goal is to discuss these topics and how we can find the hope, honor and happiness within them. I am basing my discussions on my life and situations of those around me. So of course you may have a completely different outtake based on your own life and/or the people you know (I would love to read those stories). So please remember that these writings are my opinions and thoughts. I will also do my best to research certain things when necessary, yet I am pretty sure that I will be wrong here and here. Feel free to correct me.

I look forward to being an outlet for you to turn for inspiration, humor and just someone that you feel you can relate to and learn from. In this dark and confusing world I want this place to be a source for your hope, honor and happiness (I know, I just had to tie it back to title haha!).

Peace and Love

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  1. It really means a lot to me that you like my site. I can only thank you so much, and I wish you and your loved ones the best in life, always.


    T.A. Uner

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